Bored Panda put together a list for all the dog lovers out there not of just dog photos but dog memes - to keep you grinning from ear to ear all day.


  1. Posted by iwritefics, — Reply

    Look at that happy boi :)

  2. Posted by antoniathebegonia, — Reply

    this is the cutest way you'd have to say break it up

  3. Posted by emmaleaaaa, — Reply

    Why don’t they just build a bigger house??

  4. Posted by maedhbh9, — Reply

    oh to be a dog sleeping in a flock of chickens

  5. Posted by zoealexcoote, — Reply

    Why is it a problem that they all want to sleep together? Why did they have yo separate them ?

  6. Posted by huntinghusky25, — Reply

    Those are chickens not sheep...

  7. Posted by ariana_lamb, — Reply

    i didn’t read it so i thought it was a dog and all their babies

  8. Posted by 80s_Kiddo, — Reply

    Isn’t this a Maremma though?

  9. Posted by randomlogin, — Reply

    There is a predator on your property at night.

  10. Posted by zoealexcoote, — Reply

    Omg he’s sooooooo happy !

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